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When a novelty is popular, we speak about a trend. If experts recommend it, the trend becomes a must. Last year Forbes, Huffington Post and other authoritative resources published a lot of materials about native advertising, so now everyone is convinced of its effectiveness compared to traditional media promotion. We decided to go deeper and to explore how to perform your monetization experience with the best online marketing tool - native advertising from AdNow!
Recently we made a research in cooperation with bloggers and we discovered a correlation between a specific placement of AdNow widgets and the increase of the publishers’ revenue! Based on this analysis we developed a strategy that definitely would help you to maximize your profit.


Case study

Website traffic:
295.5K visitors per month

look organically
and native

13.11.2016-21.12.2016: Only one AdNow widget made
8499 clicks
21.12.2016 - 21.01.2017: After 2 more widgets had been
added, the webmaster got 38 329
. Webmaster’s income
increased 3.5 times - that’s


Case study

Website traffic:
639.5K visitors per month

21.11.2016-21.12.2016: Only one AdNow widget made
1899 clicks.
21.12.2016 - 21.01.2017: After two more widgets had been
added, the webmaster got 38 329
. Revenue increased
19 times
- an awesome


Case study

Website traffic:
85.1 K visitors per month

22.11.2016 - 22.12.2016: One widget on the
website made
5 789

22.12.2016 - 22.01.2016: The webmaster put 3 widgets
and they worked well : 6 986
. have been delivered.
Webmaster’s earning increased
by +20%. Not bad, isn’t it?


Publisher can earn more simply by placing

3 AdNow widgets
on the website!

AdNow team has developed a special guide, based on data gathered from our
statistics, with the only aim - to increase your profit drastically.
Today we are going to discover on how to increase your profit just by adding widgets.

The best guarantee to catch your visitor’s attention is

to add 3 widgets as described below:


The best place for the first
widget is in-feed. Four ads
in a row is just what you need.
Put text next to the image.


The second widget must be placed in
the sidebar. Four ads placed in a
column give the best effect.


The last widget must be placed
below the article. In that way
you make AdNow ads look organic
and therefore more attractive to a
user. Place 4-8 ads to get better results.

Contact your
personal manager

if you have any questions!

Get a guaranteed boost in earnings.

Use AdNow, monetize
smart & increase your profit!