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How to Extract Gold from Your Data? Secrets to Increase Earnings on Your Website.
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Your website is not just a collection of pages and pictures. It’s where opportunities to increase your income are stored, hidden within the data we collect. If you’ve ever doubted whether analyzing data can help you earn more, you’re in luck! Let us guide you on working with our manager to leverage data analysis, making it your best tool in achieving your financial goals.

Point 1: Find the Treasure – Optimizing Placement

We perform a thorough data analysis to identify the best places to put ads and content on your website. The result of this work is an increase in your revenue as we find the most profitable areas for your business.


Point 2: In Sync with the Times – Tracking Trends

Analyzing data helps us identify relevant topics and tailor content that is most applicable to your audience. By adjusting ad levels from A to C, we aim to boost your CTR and, consequently, your revenue.


Point 3: Speak the Same Language – Content Localization

We consider the diversity of languages within your audience and tailor the language of your advertising content to each visitor on your website. This personalized approach enables us to capture 100% of your traffic, attracting more clicks and, consequently, boosting your CTR and profits.


Point 4: Always at Your Fingertips – Mobile Optimization

It’s a fact that the majority of website visits come from mobile devices. We prioritize the usability of your website on mobile devices, considering that mobile users constitute a significant portion of your audience. AdNow covers 92% of mobile traffic, and our content is optimized for any mobile format. Teasers are always pleasant to perceive and read, which consistently has a positive impact on the number of conversions.


Point 5: Audience Prioritization – Listen and Act

If you observe a decline in your website’s revenue, rest assured, we don’t let it go unnoticed. Our professional managers are available to offer personalized advice and assist you in restoring your site’s profitability.

We meticulously analyze data and utilize internal analytics to fine-tune content volume and select the most effective levels and formats of native advertising. Our aim is to make your website more profitable and engaging for your audience. The personalized recommendations we provide directly contribute to increasing your revenue, and for us, your audience is always a priority.


Point 6: Protecting the Treasure – Fighting Fraud

All advertising we provide undergoes strict moderation. We filter content and ensure prohibited material is not featured on your site. We acknowledge that unforeseen situations can happen to anyone; in such cases, you have a personal manager who reacts swiftly and resolves any issues related to the security of your site. After all, your security is our top priority.



Dear friends, to enhance your website’s revenue, integrate analytics and maintain consistent communication with your manager. Both are invaluable allies on this journey! Unlock the wealth of data at your disposal and begin accumulating valuable insights!

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