Wordpress plugin for quick widget installation and simple customization, to make ads look truly native on your website

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Easy to Use
Customizable widget
Intuitive setup and editing process, no coding knowledge is needed. Use default templates to match ads appearance with website design
Works with all devices
Wordpress plugin is the easiest way to make your ads look great on all the devices. Adaptive layout comes by default
Relevant content
AdNow.com system will pick the most interesting offers for your audience
It’s free!
AdNow.com allows you to earn money without any prepayment or fees!
Sign up in AdNow.com
advertising network
Set up your widget
Customize its design and
ad preferences
Switch to plugin and
setup widget placement
You are Ready to Go!
Install AdNow widget on your website. Choose one of default themes, or create your own:

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Why Nativeads Plugin?
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Flexibility and comfort
Huge variety of options to customize your widget, partnership programs and 24/7 customer support in your native language
Setup Widget Location
Get in Touch
Track your widget performance
Customize your Adblock Settings
Adjust Widget Placement without any Coding
Manage Location
The frame shows available spaces for your widget
Choose widget name
Preview ad layouts
Setup widgets for all website pages
Site Pages
  • Main
  • Page
  • Posts
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